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Embroidered Inspiration – Studio Part 1

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016


I’d been looking for some kind of artwork to hang on a wall in my studio behind a door in a small corner. I didn’t want anything too large or too bold as I’m trying to keep my studio as simple as possible.

Taking advantage of the fact that I had embroidery thread, canvas like fabric, small pieces of wood, and the itch to embroider “something”, I came up with a fun project.


I wrote and drew with a pencil directly on the fabric that I previously sewn and ironed on each side.  I supported the top and bottom of the fabric with pine wood stained slats and tiny nails and then hung it with a piece of cotton twine secured to the back.


In the end I’m very pleased with the results, although I recognize it is positively a beginners type of work :-) I love seeing the wonderful work of many talented people and I wish I had the skill or the time to improve my embroidery abilities.

I am also happy with the words I chose, they are a little reminder of what keeps me better inspired everyday.


Growing Up – DIY Box Frame

Monday, April 04th, 2016

Emi's room5

My daughter’s bedroom went through many transformations since we move into our home (which was not in a very good state). I remember this room having purple walls and crayon marks everywhere and the carpeting on the floors was also in a similar state – as was the whole house.

Her bedroom was one of the first rooms I started painting and decorating after we came to the house (she was only 9 month old). At that time I was in love with the beautiful illustrations of the book “Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBratney and so I painted a mural on one of the walls and decorated her room with this theme.

After a few years I installed moldings on the wall and kept them white, and as she grew up we changed her bed, move furniture around, replaced the window treatment, etc.

Emi's room2

She mostly loves drawing and writing stories, so I made a board using a big cork sheet covered and stapled in linen fabric on which she can keep her favorite pictures and drawings and have it as an inspiration board right on top of her drawing table. 

Emi's room3

For one of the walls (right above her bed) I did a little DIY using a box frame type. First I chose the words and font type I wanted on the glass and traced them on a clear contact piece of paper. With an x-acto knife I cut the letters carefully and then positioned the clear self-adhesive paper on the inside part of the glass. Being adherent to the glass made it very easy for me to spray paint the glass without the risk of the stencil moving.

Emi's room6

Once the paint was dry I used a combination of a beautiful project-paper and pink Canson art paper to make the words stand out better.

I used this words on the frame because I truly feel that this is what’s happening to her. I see that, same as a little flower, she’s blossoming everyday into a beautiful person -inside and out- just in front of my eyes! Still, I want for her to stay little forever and never grow up, but as I know very well that I can’t fight against the laws of life it makes it so much better to think that, as a special little flower, she just keeps blooming.


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