valentines6We are not really big Valentine’s “aficionados” in our house… we do cook something special and exchange small presents, but it’s not a as big an event as other celebrations or holidays for us…

We do get crafty though with the Valentine’s cards and candy that our kids hand out to their classmates in their schools.


valentines2Two years ago we sewed a heart garland out of felt and twine, and for this year I bought paper mache letters and painted them in beautiful rich red. Very simple!


valentines3…and that is all the Valentine’s decorations we have. Not much, but those big and bold red letters are making a huge statement in our family room!

For sure, the one who loves them the most is our cat… he made the “photo shoot session” a little bit arduous!



In Valentine’s of 2012 I wrote a post about the love letters that my paternal grand parents exchanged before getting married around 1920. There are several letters and post cards and they’re invaluable treasures to me.

Once in a while I get them out of their special box and read them… and every time I do, I get a new glimpse of them, and their lives, their personalities, and feelings in their youth… To read the words they used to expressed themselves is so overwhelming!  So romantic and so different from today’s way of communicating. What a pity!

Anyway, if you do celebrate it, I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day!



Homespun3A while ago one of the editors of the Australian magazine “Homespun” contacted me to be feature in their January issue.

What a surprise! I was thrilled!


Homespun2I had heard about this magazine through the super talented Sedef from Down Grapevine Lane blog. She has had several of her projects published in Homespun. Her work is just exquisite and impeccably well made!

When I received the issue in the mail I was marveled about how beautiful this magazine is.  Although it’s not sold here in the US, there’s the possibility to subscribe digitally.

I truly love the article they put together about my studio and my night lights! It sure was a pleasure to be part of it!



basement 6And here we go again… new year came incredibly fast and now we are in the middle of the month of January!

It was a little tough to go back to the school routine after the holidays, once more getting up early every morning, preparing lunch boxes, checking homework, having to cook supper, and make sure the kids get to bed earlier.


basement2Our holiday vacations were great! Between spending time with good friends, having delicious food and enjoying our home, we even had a chance to make some changes in our basement.


basement 3My studio in particular needed a little bit of organization and so I was able to take my time and make it more functional, positioning my working table near the only window in that room and making the most of the space.

I also framed some of my father’s memorabilia that he had since he was very young. He gave them to me the last time I visited my parents in Argentina and had been wanting to put them up ever since. They’re very special to me and I think they make a handsome addition decorating our walls.


basement1Now it is even more excited to be working in my studio. It was tough to get back to normal and on schedule, but it felt good to sit down in front of my working table and start building my night lights again.  I really enjoy it very much and frankly I kind of missed it!

My kids are also loving the way we arranged their homework area with a big table, board and storage for papers, folders, school supplies, etc. and of course, they’re more than thrilled about taking breaks to watch TV or play a game.

Oh! I will be re-opening my Etsy shop before the end of this month! I’ve design a couple of new items (new additions!) and I can’t wait to show them to you!

So stay tune…!


mesa navidad1First of all I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. To me this one was kind of special. This time I was determined to slow down and really enjoy the holiday vacations, my kids out of school, my home, family, etc.

Actually I had been slowing down for a while now and had to put a stop to almost everything because, two months ago, an apparently “routine” medical check up turned out to be a kind of a life changing experience.

I went to my doctor’s appointment with the intention of being out the door as soon as I was done. I was rushing and had a thousand things to do… I was going through all of them in my mind and planning everything including the holidays, our basement renovation, my Etsy shop, vacations, etc, Then they told me I had to go back for a second check up and after that, they need it to do ultrasounds, more studies, then a biopsy and finally surgery.

In those two months everything came to a halt and I realized (even if this sounds very cliche) how much I had been taking everything for granted and how I had been living my life, most of the time, in a crazy whirlwind non-stop way.

In the end my results came back negative and I cannot tell you how incredible lucky I felt.

I guess I needed a good shaking and now I really comprehend that above all things, being healthy is the biggest fortune one can have.

So for this holiday season and the New Year my number one wish is health… everything else comes after!  And I truly genuinely wish you the same!

Happy Holidays!


navidad2December came astonishingly quickly and once again we are taking holiday decorations out of storage that seemed, not long ago, we had put away.

For many years I had been collecting gold colored ornaments in many shapes, sizes and texture… I really like monochromatic trees, and this year I am adding simpler more natural elements to decorate our house and tree to balance all the sparkle and glitter.



I think natural materials like pine cones, acorns, twigs, cinnamon sticks, seeds and even spices (I’ve seen several of these on Etsy) make the most beautiful ornaments to decorate with in the fall and winter (and smell wonderful!)

There’s also plenty of material at crafting supply stores for very little money to create your own ornaments with not too much of an effort!


navidad4I found birch wood already cut in slices (20 pieces per bag) in different sizes… I picked the smaller ones but bigger slices would also make beautiful over scale ornaments. I also picked some little screw eye hooks in gold for the tops of the wood pieces for the ribbon to be hung.

I finally got to use my burning tool!  I had never try it before and I must say that with a little bit of practice, set at the right temperature, and working fairly quickly,  it’s really fun to use.


navidad5Once I decided on the design, I used a pencil to draw the snowflakes and then burn them away.

I already had gold ribbon for my ornaments, but twine or thin jute will do just fine! They can also be used as tags or gift toppers, as place card holders or coasters to set on the holiday table and perhaps monogrammed with your guest’s initials using rubber stamps, acrylic paint, pencils, etc. Pretty!



Birch does peel a little but I didn’t mind that at all, I actually love the rustic look along with the other ornaments we already have.

I also made a super-simple-quick garland to decorate our kitchen wall… made out of laser cut stars (also sold in a little bag), using a gold wire and a hot glue gun.

Now, it’s time to think about presents and wrapping. I will be posting about that soon!


studio 7I feel very lucky to be able to work from home and have the freedom and flexibility to manage my own schedule… I love every minute of it! And on top of that, it feels so rewarding when I receive great feedback and many kind words!

Since the whole thing started I had been working non stop to be able to stay on top of the orders I had in my shop… that kept me incredibly busy and for that reason many other things had to be put on hold.

So I’ve decided to take a break for the next couple of months, slow down a bit, dedicate time to my family and plan for the holidays (which usually becomes pretty hectic).



studio 6The other reason for this break is that my studio will be getting a little make over. I will take my time to re organize it and make it even more functional for next year, when I’ll start working on my night lights again.


studio 5For next year I have new ideas! There will be new night lights and I promise you’ll love them!

I plan to be back working on them in January next year, but first I need to unplug my self and then “re-charge my batteries” for a fresh start…

Hopefully, during this break  I’ll also be able to dedicate some time to my very-neglected blog and share some pics during the holiday season and more… so stick around for more new posts to come!



happy fallWe are having crazy weather in Atlanta. Some days it seems that summer does not want to depart… I love the autumn season and I can’t wait for chili weather to finally arrive.


happy fall2So as soon as the temperature drops a bit, I’ll light a fire, sit down in front of it with a good cup of coffee, and a cozy blanket, and in no time at all everybody is sure to gather in our family room.


happy fall3On the other hand it will be a pleasant trick or treating night without having to carry extra jackets and sweaters. This year halloween is on friday so that’s another plus!

Good weather and no school next day is going to make for a late night with neighbors and friends!

Happy Fall everyone!



fall wreath8The leaves are changing, the sun is setting sooner, the wind is getting cooler… Fall is officially upon us and I couldn’t be happier!

I love being outside without feeling suffocated by humidity or sweat… Atlanta is finally cooling down and the weather is so much more enjoyable right now!


fall wreath2

Being crazy busy didn’t stop me for welcoming my favorite season with some autumnal decorations… outside, the corn stalks, orange mums, and big beautiful pumpkins are already adorning our entrance door.


fall wreath4

And for inside our home, here is a wreath I made out of faux yellow berries. They caught my eye as soon as I saw them! I love how yellow and bright they are (usually they sell them in darker colors and bigger in size).

Anyway… this is just a quick post to say hi! and hoping you’re all doing well in whatever season you’re welcoming now !



casita nuevaI’m so happy to show you one of the latest night lights I just designed and finished! I had so much fun building it and it’s probably one of my favorites!


casita nueva4It took more little windows, more shingles, more time and thinking and it is a little bit bigger in size than all the other night lights.


casita nueva2I picked three different colors and I really like the contrast of the soft pastel tones combined with the color of the roofs.


casita nueva nocheI hope you like it too!

If you do, it’s now available at my shop and you can check it out here!

Hope you are all doing well!

summer sewing6After more than two months without updating my blog, I am back posting about some sewing projects I did during this summer.

It’s unbelievable to me how soon this summer came and now in ten days my kids will be back in school. Summer vacations will be over and we are soooo not ready for that!


summer sewing4

Not being a pro at sewing, I’m always looking for patterns that I can finish my projects easily and preferably fast!

I found a good one for girl’s shorts (New Look 6296) which is very simple and quick. After I finished sewing the first pair of shorts I started digging into my fabric stash and with less than one yard per pair I completed a few more!

The pattern calls for a zipper (I hate sewing zippers) so instead I used wide elastic which works really well!



summer sewing2

The few skirts I sewed are from this pattern that I used awhile ago (posted here). This time I modified it a little bit and instead made it with less layers and elastic waistband.


summer sewing1I totally fell in love with this pink floral print as soon as I saw it at the fabric store…  I think the very soft pink ribbon around the top layer of the skirt looks really pretty, doesn’t it?



summer sewing3 With some of the scraps left over from the other garments I used as details on blue denim, I followed this dress pattern to make a shirt out of a lovely bird fabric.

So, that’s it… Now it’s time to put my sewing machine away and go get school supplies for the year. We still have a few days of late sleeping mornings, pool, late dinners and movie nights…

How are you doing? Is this summer flying so crazily fast as well for you?

I’m sure that my friends in the southern hemisphere are so looking forward to the arrival of spring. In any case, wherever you are… I hope all is well!



Untitled-1Yay! It’s done! For a long time I wanted to make a colorful flower quilt and here it is!… and I can finally post some pictures to share with you.



spring quilt2I started it a few months ago  and I finally had a chance to sit down for a few hours and work on it this weekend.  It felt great to be able to finish binding and hand quilting the last flowers that were left to do.


spring quilt3For this quilt I wanted to use a different background color. I always used solid white but instead this time I chose an oatmeal linen type fabric and I love it!


spring quilt5Happy spring everyone!



studio1Luckily, I have been very, very busy lately trying to catch up with orders at my Etsy shop. But also a pretty hectic week balancing the time between the house, kids, school, and all of the daily routine….

Inevitable, my OCD tendencies kicked in and I had to organize and clean up all the stuff that had been accumulating in the past weeks.



So this weekend, I designated a place for everything and moved some furniture around to make the most of the space.

My precious fabrics are now stored inside the closet along with thread, quilting tools, ribbons, sewing notions, etc.

I liked having my fabrics in sight, but I think what I really needed the most was to make my studio a bit more organized. Now it’s a real pleasure and very efficient!

Have a wonderful week!



Hut-AnimationIt feels like summer here in Atlanta… the days are bright and beautiful and it is starting to really warm up! Soon it will be “Hotlanta” all over again!

So, in anticipation of the heat I just finished making these beach hut night lights. So far, the beach hut seems to be one of the most popular items in my shop.

Sorry to all of you in the north who may still be battling the cold.. Maybe a beach hut will help conjure up a little sunshine in your life… at least at night :-)



easter3I am still overwhelmed by all your lovely comments I received after the Better Homes and Gardens publication!

I do appreciate each one of them and it truly means a lot to me. Just knowing that you like what I do and that you actually took the time for letting me know by commenting here on my blog or on my Etsy shop makes me very happy!

Happy Easter everyone and thanks again for all your support!



182 BH0514 I Did It PaneroI am so happy to share with you some very exciting news! I had been contacted by Better Homes and Gardens to be featured for the “I did it” story of their May 2014 issue!

 000 BetterHomesandGardens-May14
“Material used with permission from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 2014 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved”


It was unbelievable! I cannot tell you how happy and surprised I was to know that one of my favorite magazines of all time was interested in featuring me and my night lights!

These little “Casita” night lights started because I wanted a night light for my kids and couldn’t find anything that they really liked.  So I decided to make them myself. In fact, all of the little night lights in my shop are completely hand made from scratch.  


photo shoot preview2Here is one of the pics from “behind the scenes” of the photo shoot.

Now I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to share my work with Better Homes and Garden readers.  Hopefully this little business will continue to grow – I just love designing and creating them!





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