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Sprucing Up And Planting

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016


Spring cleaning inside the house was more or less done so as soon as the heat made its appearance it was time to start the cleaning outside.

We’re very lucky to have a big beautiful outdoors space with lots of grass and decking area in our home, but obviously this involves lots of maintenance as well.


We generally start pressure washing the deck area and pavers and cleaning the yard making everything tidy.

I prefer an open and neat grassy yard instead of a loaded one cramped with all kinds of plants so I just keep a few bushes and flowers in pots.  I usually spruce up the terracotta ones with a coat of primer and then white exterior paint.

My husband once asked me why I keep painting  flower pots every year instead of just buying white ones… it was a good question, but I guess the only answer was that I just hate throwing out perfectly good pots and also I don’t mind painting them.


One of the first plans we had when moving into our home was to grow a garden. We didn’t take into consideration that we had to deal with Georgia’s red clay soil hard-packed with tenacious clods, rocks, and roots, and for any vegetable gardener that works with clay soil knows that it takes lots of patience and perseverance. We were able to enjoy some of our garden but it was a lot of hard work and quite frustrating when we discovered that moles, voles, and hares kept feasting on our plants. 

We tried for a couple of years with regular applications of compost, manure, and other organic matter but eventually gave up, so now every season I’d just buy a few herbs and plant them in pots.

Next I need to start thinking about replacing a few pillows for our chairs, so in my future there will be shopping for outdoors fabric and sewing… not bad at all.

Gardening Apron

Monday, May 9th, 2016


It is sunny, warm, and beautiful outside, and so it’s time to get back into gardening, weeding and taking care of my plants.

Tired of loosing my tools every time I’m doing yard work I came up with this gardening apron with big deep pockets to keep the essential tools at hand and small enough so it doesn’t  get in the way.


You could use any fabric you have to hand, preferably sturdy hard-wearing such as cotton duck or canvas cloth. For the tie I used a nice and wide bias tape, long enough to wrap around my waist and tie in the front.  

Here are some quick instructions:

1- Sew the perimeter around the main part of the apron and attach the strap on the top. Top stitch the pocket piece, sides and bottom.apron2

2- Pin the pocket piece onto apron creating pleats for roomier pockets (fold your pockets based on the size of each of your tools).

3- Iron pressing the pockets to form the pleats and stitch along the bottom.


I spent the last few days working outside, and although it never ends and at times can be hard, I do enjoy it very much as it is so satisfying to see everything grow and become beautiful. I don’t even notice how soon the time flies while gardening and I find it very gratifying getting the work done.

There’s still much to do, but more on that very soon.

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