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Great Finds – Part 2

  Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012  homework kitchen

For a long time I had been looking for a little table/cabinet to use as storage for all the homework and school supplies and also suitable for a small empty space we had in our kitchen.

Although they have their own designated “homework area” in the house where they can sit comfortably and display all their books and papers, both my kids prefer to do their school work at our kitchen table. It doesn’t bother me at all… around that time I usually start cooking dinner and that’s probably the reason why the like it there…

I guess the smell of food makes their math calculations a bit more enjoyable! And after all… isn’t the kitchen the warmest and most welcoming place in the house?



The great find was an old metal kitchen cart with the perfect height and size, in great shape, on wheels and painted in the right color! I loved it as soon I saw it!

Another happy find was a small antique wooden box with dividers that turned out to be a great solution for all the small supplies that where scattered around. I try to encourage them to straight up the area at the end of the day by making sure all supplies have been put back in place and that any leftover papers or scraps have been thrown away.



So far it has been working pretty well and makes it easier for them to have all necessary homework supplies within reach.


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